Hello Beautiful,
welcome to your world of healing and transformation.
I am so happy you have journeyed here.
My intention for you is to guide you towards your highest vision and support you on your journey towards living the life of your dreams. I am here to lovingly remind you of your own magnificence so that you can create a life you adore. You can follow and embody your dreams, you can heal your wounds, reconnect with your past, your present and future self, connect to your sacred lineage and ancestry, realign yourself with the universal laws and feel held and supported within a space of unconditional love.
You are a whole, divine being and you are in the right place, at the right time.

About me

I am Alexandra Rose, an Advanced EFT Therapist, personal coach and spiritual mentor specialising in whole and complete wellness inside and out.
I have over a decade of experience working with a beautiful, inspirational, global community who are living proof that we are divine beings with a divine right to heart-centred, joyful and abundant lives.

After over a decade working with Energetics as a therapist, coach and mentor and many years working in holistic & spiritual design, Alexandra Rose has combined her knowledge and experience creating the ultimate system in Holistic Wellness.