The Energy of Space

I have always had a love of everything to do with homes and interiors and spend hours watching property and design programs. It’s one of those things that light me up. I would travel to my University on the number 85 bus and I would make sure I always sat on the side which was closest to the homes on the street just so I could indulge in a little house appreciation. In time my love of homes and interiors became a job and after leaving university (and a brief stint in event management) I went on to study interior design and had a beautiful career as an interior designer right up until I became a mama to my first son.

I have never stopped loving interior design and over the course of many years since, I have bought property, redesigned, redecorated and resold. This has given me the financial freedom to own my current property mortgage free and will continue to be something I enjoy doing, probably until the very end of this life cycle. I have always been fascinated by the energy of a home and believe it is THIS that sells a house. Even if a house ticks all the boxes, I simply cannot buy it unless it gives me that certain “feeling” and I am sure I am not alone in this.

The energy of a home is vital in making it attractive for potential buyers. 

The second property I ever sold flew off the shelves and made a huge profit. Why? Because the minute you walked in the door, it felt like home. It was a beautiful, large family home created for my own family and although we only lived in it for a short while, it contained a luxurious family feel. So much so, that the buyers asked to buy all our large pieces of furniture and furnishings, wanting to capture and keep the feeling of the home.

What I have realised is that you can create this same feeling and energy in any type of space. I have bought and sold an ex-council, 3 bed house, a very large Victorian 4 bed, double reception room house and a two bed apartment. Each space held its own unique and beautiful energy.

When you walk into your home you should feel calm and safe. It should feel like a personal sanctuary, a womb filled with love and warmth. Creating this space and maintaining it is really important for your personal well being because when the energies in the home are out of alignment, cracks can appear in your relationships, your health, your finances and your general emotional and physical wellness.

There are so many things you can do to raise the energy of a home and I will be covering these throughout the blog posts but some really simple things you can do right now is:

1. Make sure you surround yourself with things you love.

2. If you don’t love them, make sure they have a purpose and work out how to enhance them so you can learn to love them (my mum used to paint beautiful flowers on everything including the cat litter tray!)

3. After an argument always clear the energy by opening windows and allowing the negativity to leave and the air to clear the space.

4. In fact, open your windows every day to clear old stagnant energy. Even in the deepest depths of winter, my windows are open for at least 20 minutes a day.

5. Smoke out old energy with incense, sage and candles.

6. Never keep “dead” things in the house; compost old flowers and dead fruit.

7. Declutter and keep your home clean. Stagnant energy loves dark corners and mess.

8. Fix anything that is broken; mend leaky taps, change out old lightbulbs to ensure the energy remains free flowing.

9. Make your bed each morning.

10. Invite in non toxic, air cleaning “live” plants that will enhance the air you breathe and keep the energy free flowing.

Just doing a few of these simple things will ensure a shift in energy.

Energy is everything and it can repel as easily as it can attract. Think about what the energy in your home feels like for you. Negative energy in a home can not only make you feel physically unwell and give you symptoms such as lethargy, a cold or flu-y feeling, headaches and even nausea but can affect you emotionally as well, feeding negative thoughts.

Just remember that the environment you spend time in has an energetic vibration so make sure you follow the simple steps above for anywhere you spend time. This includes your home, your office, your workshop, gym and anywhere else you can think of. I’ll let you in on a little secret . . .  I even energy clear my car. More on that in another post but let’s just say my neighbours are used to seeing me bundle incense into my car and start smoking it out!