My Healing Journey: Lessons from within.

I wanted to share my own health journey as a reminder that your health and wellbeing is always in your own power. I know first hand how frightening it can feel when you struggle with dis-ease. I know what it is like to be defined by a diagnosis and to be told that you do not have many options. I also know what it is like to reclaim your own health and how it feels to remember that true healing comes from realigning your energy, reconnecting with your own body, your ancestral lineage and the universal laws.

I was never a “well” child having suffered with chronic childhood asthma and a reaction to the rubella injection that left me bed bound for months with a nasty bout of Henoch-Schönlein purpura. My adult years were not much better in terms of health. I spent years suffering with chronic anxiety and poor emotional wellbeing, struggling with my body and my mind.

At my worst, I suffered with chronic anxiety with debilitating panic attacks which left me unable to sleep or even leave my own home. I was put on tranquillisers that left me so low and depressed I remember talking to my father and saying that I couldn’t go on living if this was what living was. I hit rock bottom and I stopped taking the drugs. Instead, my mum flooded me with Louise Hay affirmations (they were on tape in those days) and I started reading her book “You can heal your life” which was my first step in taking back responsibility for my own wellbeing.

My health did improve but as I got better, I lapsed into my old way of being and thinking and sure enough, I went back towards poor health.

I suffered with severe hand eczema (the kind that makes your hands blister and bleed), I had pre-cancerous cervical cells, stage 4 endometriosis, ulcerative colitis, the list is long and it goes on and on.

The low points included, being told I would never have children and would have a guaranteed hysterectomy after developing a 13cm endometriosis cyst which stopped the blood supply to my left ovary and eventually landed me in hospital.

At another low point, my ulcerative colitis sent me to a consultants office where I was told I would be on medication for life.

Basic living became hard. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t create, and often even a trip to the supermarket would send me into a state of extreme anxiety.

My life felt hard, strained, unfulfilling. I was stuck in a merry go round of day to day living, dragging myself out of bed to a life that felt “beige” and bland. By chance I was introduced to Energy Medicine through EFT Tapping* and my whole world began to change. I started to tune in to my own energy and the well of healing energy that exists within all of us and as my energy began to heal, I began to want to nourish my body and the result was exceptional. My whole body began to shift on a cellular level.

My endometriosis was removed surgically and “against all odds” I became pregnant. Having been told I would NEVER have children, I carried two babies to term and am blessed with two beautiful boys. I hoped that would be the end of the endometriosis but sadly it returned and quickly grew to a size that needed to be operated on again. Desperate not to return to the operating table and refusing to take any pharmaceutical drugs, I committed myself to the healing process through Eft tapping, nutrition, self care and nourishment. Upon my next appointment, 3 months later, the consultant was silent for a long time as he looked at the medical screen. He seemed confused and said he “couldn’t find” the cyst. He said that a cyst of that size didn’t just disappear without surgery or medication. I told him I had been treating it holistically and that I had been tapping. He laughed and that was that.

When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis I went to my consultant who said I would be on medication for life. He was wrong. I never had a single dose and went into full remission after just a couple of months.

I have story after story of self healing and each story reminds me of the work I have done and continue to do for my own wellbeing. It is a reminder that there is a power within all of us that wants the body to heal and given the right environment, not only will the body heal but it will thrive.

When we allow ourselves permission to heal,

when we allow ourselves to be guided by our spirit family, by source, when we are aligned and whole, we can heal. We are energetic, spiritual beings and when we live as whole beings, there is always hope.

Nutrition, movement and self care are pretty well documented when it comes to healing (even occasionally, in a doctors office) but energy medicine and spiritual healing has become whispers through generations and if you are lucky enough, you will hear it’s calling. I heard it and have dedicated my life to learning all the ways of my ancestry and the medicine women before us. I
have been acutely aware of energy and spirit since I was a child and was gifted with a divine connection to spirit but through the desire to fit in, to be acceptable, to follow the rules, I had pushed down my gifts and detached myself from my inner guidance system, creating dis-harmony and dis-ease in my body.

When I started my journey of healing and experienced energy medicine at work, I felt like I was being called back home to the universal power, to Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

It has a been a journey of self discovery. Everything has changed and I am so grateful for each lesson, each trial and each time I have been given the opportunity to heal my body, my mind and my soul. You have the power within you too. Just listen to the whisper.