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Alexandra Rose…

Alexandra Rose has combined her knowledge and experience of energetics and interior design to create the ultimate experience in Holistic Wellness.

Alexandra is an expert in Advanced EFT Tapping and has spent many years expanding her knowledge of wellness, healing and transformation to include deep shadow work, meditation, quantum physics, energy healing, inner child work, home healing, holistic nutrition, spiritual and personal mentoring, ancestral work, ritual and prayer, life coaching, spiritual coaching and so much more.

Her specialist interest in interiors is in holistic design and spiritual design. With a love of beauty and a keen sense of energy within space, her super power is in creating spaces for healing and abundance.

to the world of Sacred Wellbeing

It is for those seeking an exceptional life experience. It is for those ready for a rebirth and who are ready to commit to the process of change. It honours all aspects of well-being; creating harmony, health, happiness and joyful abundance in Mind, Body & Spirit and Space.

Each offering is bespoke to your personal needs and your sacred journey.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
“I honestly don’t know where I would be today without you. You’ve helped me find freedom from the past and realise who I really am. For that I’ll always be truly grateful.”
– Nicola