Sacred Spaces
What is holistic and spiritual design?

Holistic design is design that has a central focus on supporting wellness and wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. Spiritual design aligns your home or workplace with the connection and expansion of your soul.

Both honour space as a sacred vessel; a cocoon for supporting your highest soul potential. A home that is aligned holistically and spiritually will intuitively feel like a home that is full of love & abundance. It is a home that welcomes and flows with richness, health, vitality, creativity, comfort and joy.

Each home is not just bricks and mortar but is a sacred sanctuary, a temple for your body and soul.

More than ever,

we as humans are starting to realise that true wellbeing encompasses nourishing whole parts of ourselves that have previously been neglected. It is about honouring mind, body, spirit and SPACE.

As we spend more and more time in our homes, it has never been more pressing to create space that nourishes our wellbeing.

When creating sacred space we honour the ancient principles of energy mastery as well as creating ritual, we space and energy clear, we fill the home with things that are flooded with the vibration of love, we call in harmony, flow, peace and joy, we may declutter to create space, we may create altars and embed crystals, we honour the space whether it is modern, historical, whimsical or simple Zen, we design with purpose in mind and in doing so, we heal and transform our homes and ourselves.

Alexandra Rose
has years of experience working in interior design and has combined her love of home decor and energetics to create a beautiful offering of Holistic and Spiritual design for Wellbeing.
“Alex understands space and somehow intuitively knows exactly what it needs. She has a great eye for detail and a natural love for home design. She really has a gift and is so generous in sharing it.”
– Peggy