Release stress and anxiety from your home

If you are someone who suffers from stress and anxiety, you will be the first to know that you feel 100 times better when you feel safe, comfortable and “at home”. Creating a peaceful and calm home and work environment can enhance your wellbeing and minimise the effects of stress on the body.

The first steps to creating a sacred, calming, healing space to enable you to release stress and anxiety, we have to start looking at where the energy is blocked.

1. Do you have a lot of clutter and mess? If so, that is the perfect place to start. Clutter is the energetic representation of stuck, stagnant, negative energy. Clutter reinforces old ways of thinking and creates low vibrational energy. The best starting point to get unstuck emotionally is to start clearing clutter.

2. Is your bedroom warm and inviting? Does it feel nurturing? In Feng Shui, a metal bed is a big no no. Go for soft lines and furnishings allowing your nervous system to relax with the touch of a soft fabric or by simply looking at a beautiful bed filled with feather cushions. When it comes to a bed and bedding, buy the best you can afford. We spend so much time in our beds, and it should be a space for healing, for rest and for connection.

3. Does your home feel and look beautiful? Surrounding yourself with things you love, with beautiful objects, with things that evoke the senses, you will naturally calm your nervous system. Make sure each space within your home or work is filled with moments and spaces of beauty. Ensure flowers are fresh, linen is clean and windows sparkle.

4. Choose your colours well. If you are someone with a nervous disposition, lighter, softer colours are soothing for the spirit. If you are someone who’s anxiety and stress comes from a lack of motivation and purpose then hints of brighter more stimulating colours will help shift your energy out of anxiety and stress into creativity and purpose. I am an HSP and very sensitive to colour so my home is full of natural, soft colour. My eldest son has a whole wall of motivational posters – tune in to what it is that YOU need.

5. Create a space of calm using scent. I often burn candles or incense in my home but also use an atomiser and a lemon spray for when I feel the energy of the home needs a “happy” boost. Work out what scents calm or ignite your spirit and then try them out. Just make sure they are non toxic and as organic as possible. Creating a toxic free home is essential to wellbeing.

6. On that note, please use non toxic cleaning products (there will be a post coming on this!). Not only is it good for the environment but also your physical and emotional wellbeing. Do not underestimate the effect toxic products have on your health and look for simple, affordable solutions that are non toxic and healthy for your environment.

7. Most homes now have an “office” within the home. If possible please give this it’s own space, preferably out of the bedroom. If you must have it in the bedroom because space is at a premium make sure you keep the area clean and clear especially before you go to bed. You can get some really pretty storage boxes to give the office softer lines.

8. Listen to beautiful music. My friend plays healing chants every morning and for me, it depends on what I need (and what my family needs) day to day, but you can do whatever feels right for you. Trust your intuition and give yourself exactly what you need. On days when myself or my family are tired or feeling unmotivated, I play music that will raise our vibration. Other times, we may need our nervous system calmed so we can release stress and anxiety; at these times I may play simple healing music in the background. Again, it is about trusting your intuition and going with what feels right for you.

9. Create a sacred space, a little nook that is yours alone. Maybe it’s a soft cushion with a space to sit and listen to music or lie back and read. You can invest in a screen divider if space is tight, just so that it is an area that is yours alone so you can breathe and comfort yourself. Give everyone a simple rule that when you are in this space, no one can bother you until you have emerged (unless it’s an emergency). It is a space for you to reset and reconfigure for inner peace and calm, it is the cocoon in which you can leave all your stresses and strains. Just remember to energy clear so that the space remains a space of healing.

10. I couldn’t end this blog without recommending EFT tapping. We are energetic beings and what we put out, we receive back, so by shifting our inner energy we also shift that of our environment, creating a ripple of calm. Tapping on any stress and anxiety will quickly neutralise the emotional feeling in the body and bring you into a state of contentment and peace. Follow this quick tutorial on my Youtube channel and just keep tapping.