Making Manifestation Easy

A lot of people have been reaching out to me recently, frustrated with trying to manifest, frustrated with the process and feeling like they are “failing”. It is important to note at this point that you can never “fail” at manifesting, you are creating and manifesting ALL the time in every thought you think, every word you say and in everything you do, it just so happens that we spend so much time focusing on what we don’t want rather than what we do want, that we often end up manifesting the opposite of what we desire.

At times of frustration, it’s easy to find yourself trapped in the web of comparison, asking why manifesting seems so easy for everyone else and so hard for you. It becomes a slippery rabbit hole down into the old narrative of, “it’s so hard”, “it’s not for me”, “it takes too long” and all the other statements that keep you stuck manifesting the same old results day after day.

Manifesting takes high vibrational energy, it takes trust, it takes a leap of faith with absolute knowing that you are meant for greater things. That means, getting past your own programming that has held you in playing small. Manifesting a new world, takes a new way of thinking and being. It is a heart expanding process of calling in what you really want. Manifesting is not meant to be difficult, it isn’t meant to feel frustrating or hard. It should feel easy, fun, expansive and natural.

Everything is energy, so if you want to be able to manifest everything you desire, you have to be an energetic match for what you want.

Different emotions carry different energetic frequencies. ’Low’ feelings (sadness, lack, fear) carry a low energetic vibration whereas ‘high’ feelings (joy, love, gratitude) carry a high vibrational frequency. So to become a match for a high vibrational frequency, you have to raise your own energy.

This is why you cannot attract and manifest from a point of lack, only from a point of gratitude and inner knowing that what you want is already yours.

Now the fun part . . . it is easy to become an energetic match. All you have to do is tune into the feeling behind your desire as if you are already living and embodying everything you want. This feeling is what raises your energetic vibration because the mind and body do not know the difference between what is imagined and what is happening in real time.

Here is an example.
When you like someone romantically you might imagine flirting with them, in your imagination or visualization, you know exactly what you are wearing (or not), what you are doing and saying and it feels so real that your body cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what is not. Your body produces a physical response and suddenly you feel excited, you may have butterflies in your stomach, you may find a big smile appear across your face and you feel as if you are living in the moment, as if it is happening right there and then. That’s the feeling. The feeling that it is already yours.

To tune into the feeling, it is important to get clear on what it is you actually want. Ask yourself right now, what do I really want? Often we can easily answer what it is we don’t want so sometimes we have to really sit and listen to your intuition and inner voice whilst asking, what is it I really want?

Knowing what you want and having a clear vision, a clear intention behind what you want will drive the feeling, the expansive heart centered feeling that aligns you with what you want to call in.

Light a candle, create sacred space, breathe, and take a moment to tune in to what it is that you truly want. Does your desire surround health? or money? what about relationships? Or your job? What is it that you want?

Get really clear and write down exactly what you desire. Without reason, without using your thinking brain; just listen to your heart.

Be laser focused, release all the things that keep you stuck in exactly the same way of being, the same way of doing, just get out of your own way. Stop playing small, stop telling yourself you can’t and start believing that you are meant for more. There is nothing stopping you from calling in what you want. You are worthy of a life you love, you are worthy of all you dream of, stop telling yourself otherwise. You are a divine being with a divine right to health, happiness and abundance in all areas of your life.

Decide that you have a magic wand and this magic wand can bring in whatever you want. No “if’s” No “but’s”. Let’s get clear on that. Right now.

Once you are clear on what you want, have fun exploring what it feels like to have it.

Let’s use money as an example. When you think about what it would be like to have the wealth you want, what comes to mind?

Is it freedom? What would that feel like? What would if afford you? Is it spending time with your family? Where would you be? on the beach? sitting around a dinner table at a restaurant you love? Is it wearing nice clothes? What kind of clothes? Is it having a super yacht? What is the interior like, is there a jet ski? Is it being on holiday in the Bahamas? If so, what does the sand feel like between your toes? What does it feel like to be staying in a 5 star villa or riding a bike with the warm breeze on your face?

Maybe you are driving a Maserati or a Porsche? What colour is the leather or the wheel trim?
Dig deep. Lose yourself in your imagination. Lose yourself in the details. Because when you lose yourself you release all the chains that keep you stuck.

Now that you have a clear vision, now is the time to feel even deeper into that vision.

What would it feel like to be driving that car? Is your hair blowing in the wind? Does your heart feel expanded? How does it feel? Do you feel sexy? Aligned? Alive? Because that feeling is what attracts everything you desire to you.

Now let’s take health as an example. What would it be like to feel healthy? To really feel free from dis-ease, to feel emotionally and physically well. When you imagine yourself, being ultimately healthy, where do you see yourself? Are you out hiking? Are you swimming in the ocean? Are you laughing and drinking tea with your friends? Are you learning to surf? What is it that you feel when you imagine yourself doing all these things? What are you wearing? How do those clothes make you feel? Strong? Fit? Capable? Trusting in your body?

Tune into those feelings whenever you can. Create a vision board, journal as if it is already yours. You can start with, “I am so grateful that . . . ”

Sit and meditate, immerse yourself in the feeling that you already have what you want. Feeling gratitude is an energetic vibration for manifestation so feeling rich will call in riches . . . And I know that isn’t always easy especially when you are watching bills and counting a pay check or the amount of clients you have each week, but there is always something to be grateful for. Simply having gratitude for food in the fridge and a roof over your head and pennies in your pocket is a vibrational match for manifesting more wealth.

Have gratitude for the health you already have, for the wealth you already have, for the relationships you already have, for the jobs you already have, for the clients you already have, knowing that all of this gratitude creates an energetic match to call in even more.

And then one of the most important things of all . . . Make it a daily practice, a daily ritual.

Research shows that we live in our subconscious mind up to 98% of the time. So if 98% of the time we think we’re poor, that we don’t have enough, we’re not healthy, our relationships are hard, work is boring, then this is what we are putting out into the universal field and we will keep repeating the same old results.

So let’s get you out of your own way by choosing to affirm all day who you want to be, how you want to live, what you’re calling in. And you do that in the way you speak to yourself and how you dress and how you embody what you want, knowing it is already in your field. You make gratitude a ritual every day and when you wake up everyday and when you go to sleep every night, tune into what you DO want (spend less time focussing on what you don’t).

Fall in love with your life knowing that everything you desire is already yours.

Listen to the manifestation meditation daily and tune in to the universal field of energy that is brimming with abundance. You are an energetic being and holding the intention of living an abundant life sets you free to rewrite your story. The power is in your hands.