Creating Heart Coherence

How are you, beautiful soul? How are you really?

I find that sometimes when we are on the hamster wheel of life, we forget to check in with ourselves and how we are really feeling. This is especially important during this season of change where life can feel out of balance as we struggle to move with the same pace of summer, when our natural instinct is to go inwards and begin to nest, ready for the winter season.

Across the globe we have seen this disharmony of energy manifest itself in a myriad of ways and I myself have been challenged with keeping myself in the energetic vibration of peace and love. So, I asked myself the question I am asking you right now. I looked myself in the mirror, placed my hand on my heart and whispered, “Darling girl, how are you?”. And the information began to flood my senses as I tuned into all the feelings that were showing up. So then I asked, “and what do you need to soothe your soul?” and immediately I knew what I needed to do. I needed to drop out of my head back into my heart.

When I am in my head, I over think, I calculate, I worry, I assess, I control and I become attached to the suffering of the world. In my heart, I am aligned, peaceful, loving, compassionate, patient and in flow. I am in a vibration of peace and radiate that out as healing towards myself and across the world.  I do this by creating heart coherence.

Heart Coherence is a state of being, where there is complete, blissful alignment between the heart, mind and body. Heart coherence creates an energetic vibration of love which is bountiful, balanced and coherent. It creates a ripple effect of healing and wellbeing that can be measured even outside of the body.

Along side the beautiful personal benefits of creating heart coherence and tuning into the heart’s intelligence (including emotional balance and improved immunity), there is also a global one. This may be of special interest to those who feel helpless about what is happening in the world around them. There is research that has proven that when a group of people gather across the world to meditate at the same time using heart coherence, they actually make a physical impact across the globe. During experiments there has been less violence, crime and disharmony and instead there has been more peace throughout the world. Now isn’t that something.

For me personally, giving back is something that is very important to me. I am part of a global coherence initiative with the HeartMath Institute and it is a wonderful way to give back to the world. So now you know, you cannot un-know the truth that everything you think, feel and do, not only has an effect on your inner world but the world around you. This means, you really are able to create your own reality and that in itself will cause a ripple effect across the globe.

Learn how to create heart coherence in just a few sacred minutes, by clicking on the link below.

Always remember, you are the drop in the ocean that is felt across the world.