Alexandra Rose,
is an Advanced EFT Tapping Therapist, Coach, Mentor & Interior Designer for those who are seeking to live the most expanded, heart centred, luxurious, intoxicating and magnetic expression of life itself.

I am the proud daughter of an ancestral line of Japanese Reikan and I strive to live in a world that merges the beauty of being human with the magic of spiritual connection.

I believe that we are energetic, spiritual beings living a human experience and that we deserve to live the grandest, most beautiful expression of our lives.

I have been on a lifelong personal journey of healing and know what it is like to feel hopeless and broken. My own experience of dis-ease within my body included severe endometriosis, ulcerative colitis, pre-cancerous cervical cells, chronic eczema and debilitating anxiety. I have lived through great loss, grief and adversity and yet with each diagnosis and life challenge, I listened to my intuition, chose faith and trust over fear and embarked on an inner journey of healing, reclaiming my physical and emotional wellbeing.


True and complete healing can only occur when there is harmony and alignment in all aspects of life; mind, body, spirit and space. When I discovered EFT Tapping, Energetics and the power of healing the past as well as the present, of connecting to my spiritual path in mind, body, spirit and the space I lived in, I began to heal and I began to call myself home. I began to remember who I was and the power within me to create lasting transformation and deep healing.

It has been a grand journey of self discovery, healing and transformation that has had a ripple effect across my entire world.

My vision and calling

is to lovingly hold you and support you on your own journey of healing and transformation so that you too can experience deep healing, grow your intuition, release old wounds and subconscious programming whilst learning how to embody your highest vision and create a life you love.

There is magic in deep transformation and my personal desire is to gift that magic to you so that you can be the architect of your own life.

“I know I told you yesterday but I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the last 4 weeks. From the moment I spoke to you briefly 6 weeks ago I knew from the pit of my stomach that you were about to change my life and boy, have you! For the first time in what feels like forever I can feel love again. For other people and for myself.

I have been consumed in feelings for years with lost or negative feelings and whilst I have moments of being able to see the light they were always short lived. You have opened me up, you have given me the ability to see my life and others around me so differently, you have shown me what I dared not see before. I will never be able to quite articulate how powerful our sessions were and the journey that I have gone through this past month but I want you to know how incredible I think you are.

I am blessed and grateful to have met you and I’m looking forward to continuing to have you as part of my life and to support me to grow even further.”

– Sarah